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Inspiring Australians to Lose Weight

Melbourne, Australia: Garthy Garth Cuts Weight, a series of weekly webisodes documenting the journey of an overweight person to lose weight, has officially started . Garthy Garth Cuts Weight webisodes hopes to inspire overweight people to make an attempt to lose weight.

Garthy Garth Cuts Weight comes in at a time when obesity has become one of the greatest threats to public health in Australia. "I started the webisodes to save my life and inspire others to do the same. Obesity in Australia has more than doubled in the last 20 years, and there seems to be nothing our so called health experts can do to help," says Garth Lategan, as he embarks on a journey that teaches people what true health and vitality really means.

The main message of the project follows the father of western medicine Hippocrates and his first oath which states: “let thy food be thy medicine”. This follows the understanding that the body knows what to do already and we just have to give it the right fuel and it will do the rest.

At the first weigh in, Garthy Garth weighed 163.7kgs and his target weight is 84 kg. Over 80 weeks, the webisodes will capture his journey of losing a kilogram of weight a week through diet and exercise. Eugene E-NRG, Garth's trainer will make sure that he does not slip on his weekly targets. 

The webisodes will show people who want to lose weight, what kind of food to have and what to avoid, and also help them with the choice of the right kind of exercise. Garthy Garth Cuts Weight also has social media presence through, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to help spread the message far and wide.

About Garth Lategan

Garth Lategan is an Event Management professional and one of the driving forces behind Waking Up the Spirit Festival is a forum for cultural exchange and exploring alternatives way for the first people of of Australia to express their culture to the world free from political agenda’s

To learn more about Garthy Garth Cuts Weight, please contact

Garth Lategan AKA (Garthy Garth)

Eugene E-NRG (Producer)


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