Tuesday, April 01, 2014

4/01/2014 10:08:00 AM

Ever see a product on TV and think, “Who would ever want that?” We haven't because we see those same commercials and think, “How have we managed to live this long without that?” Every week we discuss exciting products and infomercials like the Tiddy Bear, the Snuggy, and other life changing products like that on our weekly comedy podcast! 

We think about the many ways that they can bust into our lives and make them more fun. We are also inspired to think of other related inventions that could enhance the previously mentioned products. We sometimes give our listeners a view into our dog's mind when we tell you what Brows is thinkin' about. Occasionally, we also answer incredibly tough and mystifying technology questions like, “Do I need to write out the words at and dot in atgmaildotcom?”. You can find our podcast on iTunes or your favorite podcast catcher and on our website, funbustin.com. Whatever we talk about, its going to be fun. At Fun Bustin', we're always bustin' the fun-o-meter!


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