Monday, May 26, 2014

5/26/2014 10:17:00 AM

ManKind Initiative is a UK based charity that provides support for male victims of domestic violence. To make a point about how people view domestic violence against men and women differently, they made a video with hidden cameras and staged two fights between a couple in a public park. In one, the man is the aggressor and people immediately rush to her aid. In the second, the woman is the aggressor and people act completely differently. In fact, most of them think that it's funny to watch the man get physically abused by the woman. Take a look.

It's a topic that strikes a very personal chord for me, because I was in a couple of relationships where I was physically assaulted by women. In one instance, the woman who attacked me went to jail when the neighbors called the police. It's a very embarrassing, emasculating thing. When my family found out about it, they blamed me, further adding to the shame and embarrassment. Male victims of domestic violence have very little recourse, and often don't report being assaulted. In my case, if the neighbors hadn't called the police, I know that I wouldn't have reported it. In fact, I didn't press charges against her because I was so embarrassed and felt responsible for her attacking me.

We need to do something about the double standard surrounding domestic violence. It's never okay to physically assault another person, regardless of the situation. It's NEVER okay to lay your hands on someone to do them physical harm.

If want to support ManKind, go to their website and find out more ways that you can help.