Sunday, June 08, 2014

6/08/2014 01:14:00 PM

Events Master Aims To Make Event Planning Easy, Fun and Affordable For Both Professional and Novice Planners

Professional event planners as well as those who simply have an interest in hosting events now have a new tool to make event planning easy, fun and affordable with the launch of The new website features information, advice and tools that guide event planners through every aspect of organizing an event from start to finish. Events Master is helpful tool to appeal not only to those who make event planning their profession, but also to cultural organizations that host events, office managers who are often tasked with planning company events and even home makers who want to impress family and friends with an event that looks like it was planned by a professional.

Events Master’s primary purpose is to allow visitors to use the information and tools that they find to plan and manage their event with perfection. Registered users will be able to learn through online videos on how to plan their event and manage expenses, run reports, manage event attendees, coordinate and manage exhibitors and vendors relations and even learn how to create an event website and all of the promotional material needed for the event.

Events Master offers tools for all types of events, including music, sports, cultural, personal, business and charitable events. Registered users will be able to find everything they need to manage either a single event or multiple events. This service is designed so that users can easily find what they are looking for. From an initial checklist to follow up reports, each step along the way to a great event is represented by colorful tabs visible right in the middle of the home page. A simple click is all it takes to get started.

Signing up and creating an account on Events Master is as easy as using the site and there are three types of accounts to satisfy event planners of all types. The pricing for the service is simple and there are no hidden fees and no strings attached. Free one month trial is available on all types of account and you can try and use all of the features of a selected account during the trial.

More information is available by visiting the new website at or by filling out the embedded form on the site’s “Contact Us” page.

Events Master has directory of professional event and meeting planners and it is the first stop for someone who is looking for a professional planner to plan and manage an event. Just click on Find planner on home page and search for your most preferred planner from thousands professional event and meeting planners across the world.