Sunday, July 13, 2014

7/13/2014 01:41:00 PM

Nothing To Hide official music video for Sarantos

2nd Soft Rock Music Video Released By Emerging Artist Sarantos - "Nothing To Hide"

With a tremendous response on his debut song 'Not Where I Wanna Be', Sarantos is thrilled to announce his 2nd eagerly awaited music video.

Sarantos was born and raised in the Chicago area and it seems that the local communities have strongly supported him. The buzz has continued to build and has quickly spread around the globe. After the United States, Sarantos music is now avidly followed in Japan, Philippines, Israel and Mexico. His fan list has grown remarkably in these countries.

Sarantos' has a strong motivation with his musical passion to raise money for charity. 33% of any music-related sales profits are going straight to charity. For "Nothing To Hide", Sarantos has chosen the American Lung Association. The decision was really simple. Sarantos' has battled asthma the last three years ago and this is a disease that affects millions of people around the world.