Wednesday, September 24, 2014

9/24/2014 09:37:00 AM

Charlo Greene quit her reporting job by dropping the "F" bomb and saying that she wants to fight for "freedom and fairness." By that, she means legalizing recreational marijuana in Alaska. If you watch her full report, she does a great job covering both sides, for and against, the initiative. Then, in a sudden turn of events, the prerecorded segment ends and cuts to her live wrap up of the story. That's where she reveals that she is the CEO of the Alaskan Cannabis Club, says "As for this job, not that I have a choice... Fuck it, I quit."

This story has been reported by quit a few sources, so this may news may not come as any surprise. I have been trying to wrap my brain around this story for a few days before I decided to write about it. What I can't figure out is if she planned to quit on air to drive more attention to the cause, or if this was her getting angry and losing it in the moment.

While the story and video has gone viral on the web, it hasn't necessarily driven the positive attention to the cause that she wanted. In fact, it has caused a backlash from supporters of marijuana legalization because of the negative attention.

So while many people think that she planned this to get the word out about her message, I'm starting to think there were other factors at play here.

I would be inclined to think that while putting this story together, her producers told her that she couldn't show favoritism for one side or the other. Hence why the prerecorded segment of the story showed both sides of the initiative equally. When it came to her closing statements, she wasn't able to say what she wanted and use the platform of being a television reporter to get her message out, rendering the point of having that job useless. Therefore, she decided to quit in an explosive manner.

To be clear, that's not based on fact, just my guess as to why it went down the way that it did. She seems like an educated person, and got the job as a reporter for a reason. I have a hard time seeing her quitting as an entirely premeditated marketing ploy, and see it more as a frustrated person not being able to fully say what they want.

Only time will tell whether her actions will have a positive effect. There are only two states, Washington and Colorado, that have legalized recreational marijuana. We will have to see if more states follow their lead.

As for my personal editorial on the matter, I live in Seattle, Washington. Recreational marijuana is legal here. I don't smoke weed, however I do believe that it should be legal for the simple reason that criminalizing the recreational use of it doesn't make sense to me. It just adds more strain on the legal system, costing tax payers a lot of money to fight a "crime" that is just a matter of personal choice and doesn't hurt anyone else.

Feel free to disagree with me, I don't mind. That's one of the things that's so wonderful about freedom of speech and the modern rapid exchange of knowledge and information that the internet provides.

On a side note, I didn't know Alaska had attractive women? Who knew?! I guess I couldn't go this long without being a douche. You're welcome.

Here's the video of Charlo quitting live on the air:

Also, you can see the station she worked for, KTVA 11, give a personal statement and apology for what happened live on the air HERE.