Saturday, October 11, 2014

10/11/2014 11:55:00 PM

Since starting the Dr. Heckle Radio Show, my favorite segment is the infamous "Crazy Train" report, where I discuss headlines of lovely ladies- who are freaking crazy!!  Today's crazy train award goes to this adoring lady- Monica Hargrove.

Ohio police department featured Monica on their weekly Facebook "Warrent Wednesday" post, where they have mugshots of people who have warrants currently issued for their arrest.  The person's name, age and crime is also detailed.  Monica was so upset about the photo chosen for her mugshot, she actually CONTACTED the Ohio Police Department and asked them to remove it.  It gets better!! When the detective on her case told her to come down and they can talk about removing the picture- SHE DID EXACTLY THAT!

As a woman who understands how important it is to have any picture of themselves on social media needing to be fresh and fabulous, I can understand how angry she was!  I don't co sign her stupidity, however, if I had this picture as a mugshot, I would demand a retake.