Friday, November 14, 2014

11/14/2014 10:10:00 AM
I don't think privilege is the right word here, and I don't necessarily agree with all of these because some of them could easily be flipped to show sexism towards women as well. Also, some of these are just intended to be funny, I think. 

However, this post brings up some valid points about how we don't always see that sexism does, in fact, go both ways. The "sexism" conversation always seems to gravitate towards the ways that women do not feel equal to men. Which in so many ways is valid, but I do think there should be more open dialogue about the ways men are treated differently as well. 

That doesn't negate the thousands of years that women have been oppressed, or the oppression that still goes on in the world today. However, there should be more of an open conversation where we all are open to validating each other's feelings. Men and women ARE treated differently, and subjected to unfair social stigmas. Let's not swing the pendulum one way or another. Let's treat each other as equals.