Tuesday, December 09, 2014

12/09/2014 05:16:00 PM

Be careful walking in New Orleans right now!! Look out everyone.... we have a serious crazy lady who loves to poke.  Not poke in the way that makes you giggle and laugh like Elmo.  More like a poke that makes you look behind you and wonder if you're crazy and imagined the quick pain of a sharp object that brisked your back!!

Police in New Orleans are on the prowl to find Jeannene Meyer, a woman with a statement of "don't fuck with me, or I'll cut a bitch"! She has been seen on surveillance cameras randomly poking people who walk by her with some weird sharp object.  In the video, you can't make out the random mumbling she is saying, however you can see her bad haircut.  Two men have been her victims of this random crime and can be seen in the video as she walks by and pokes them.

Ms. Meyer, I nominate you for my Crazy Train Award because....well.... you're one crazy lady!  If you are going be doing anymore pokes in the future, please put some make up on and look more presentable!! I applaud your ability to get a man's attention my dear... however, the poke of a sharp object is a tad extreme.