Thursday, December 18, 2014

12/18/2014 05:09:00 PM

The holidays can be extra stressful.  Seeing all your girlfriends brag about their new engagement ring on Facebook, stalking your ex and telling yourself he isn't happy yet, and even worse; waiting patiently for your Grandma to accept your Facebook friend request.  Don't cross this lady!! She don't mess around with her friend requests!!

Rachel Anne Hayes, a Florida resident put the smack down (literally) on her Grandma when she wouldn't accept her Facebook friend request.  Yes, a little eggnog spiked with some booz probably played a factor with her repeated bitch slaps, however, that doesn't excuse her behavior.  Grandma wasn't taking the abuse and still hasn't become Ms. Hayes Facebook friend.

I nominate Rachel for the Crazy Train Award today.  I have been unfriended, blocked and even deleted from family members and I handled it like an adult!  I complained, blogged and passive aggressively brought it up through text message. Get your shit together Ms. Hayes... and learn how to handle your booz! Rookie!