Tuesday, December 16, 2014

12/16/2014 10:58:00 PM

A gentleman he is indeed! Sean Boies of Iowa City is in the hot seat with some University of Iowa female students and the police for posing as a Victoria's Secret representative to get women to send photos posing in their bra and underwear. What did these lovely ladies get in return for participating with his online survey? They get an opportunity to be a winner for a photo shoot in Miami!!!!!!!!!! 

Well ladies, don't play  your iPod with Will Smith's song "Miami" JUST yet.  Mr. Boies is a fake and the surveys you filled out with that duckface was a waste! Police are charging Boies with 2 counts of identity thief and a nice cold seat in the Johnson County Jail.  

Today, I not only nominate and crown Sean Boies the Douche of the Day Award, I also give him an extra douche point for his creativity! The lengths this guy went to for panty pics is beyond impressive.  Tinder! You have no match to this dude.  Creating online surveys that would leer any girl missing half a brain is unique, and also really freaking creepy! One of the survey's Sean created was promising participants a $25 Gift Card to Victoria's Secret with a pretty lingerie photo.  On behalf of all women of Iowa, I speak loudly that this deception will bring out the cray cray of disappointment to not have spending money for those amazing half off yearly's! Those bra's aren't cheap!!! You. Are. A. Douche.