Tuesday, December 30, 2014

12/30/2014 01:09:00 PM

I've been noticing more and more people taking selfie's to capture those moments where they have a good hair day, a fantastic photobomb opportunity, or my personal favorite- being arrested for drunk driving.  Let's hear it for this guy!!!  James Jay Dunham just can't get enough of his face!  Police in Iowa had a fun time on Sunday when Mr. Dunham had to snap a cute selfie with his cell phone while waiting in the "Drunk Tank".  When police noticed his amazing ability to have a cute duckface, he explained to them he was just letting his family know he was safe, and still looking fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's give this guy a round of applause for multitasking!! I crown James the Douche of the Day and give him my favorite award, because being able to take a selfie wasted is an art form.  And I want to learn!  I hope he starts 2015 off with a book on narcissism.  Get it done son!!!!!!