Thursday, December 04, 2014

12/04/2014 10:01:00 AM

Oh hey girl hey!!!  Careful with these guys! They DO bite.  In South Carolina, a hot and heavy debate about who made more money as an escort was taken too far with Austin Adams (LEFT), Douglas Tench (MIDDLE) and Michael Gordon (RIGHT).  Where did this heated conversation happen you ask? A hot tub!!!!!!

Leave it to Douglas Tench for starting the discussion of their money making goods! Once they started the discussion, all hell broke loose as Adams and Tench started to throw blows, kicking and screaming, demanding street cred for the services and the price they charge.

Mr. Adams has a nice assault charge on his record and the other dudes.... well, they just got slapped with a charge for giving alcohol to a minor.

Oh gentlemen, don't you know better? Today is my special day to crown all three of these guys my Douche of the Day.  Don't talk about business in the setting of a hot tub guys.  That heat gets us all fired up with jealousy and envy over a few dollar bills.  Keep it classy and no one gets hurt!