Tuesday, December 09, 2014

12/09/2014 05:38:00 PM

Look out barbers!! Make sure you do a fantastic job cutting this guys hair!!!!!

An Illonios man wasn't pleased with his haircut, and had to bring the dramatics by pointing a BB gun at the barber for doing a horrible job. Anthoney Oplinger is one hell of a diva!! The barber offered a refund to Oplinger for the dissatisfied haircut and another barber was able to calm him down and get him to leave after the heated argument of his disappointment with his new "do".  

I crown Mr. Oplinger my Douche of the Day! Was it necessary to be a drama queen and really use a BB gun? Everyone has a bad haircut here and there.  Take a chill pill and use that BB gun for what it's intended for.  I would mail you a trophy for being such a douche, however I know you would use it as aim practice!!