Tuesday, December 23, 2014

12/23/2014 12:22:00 PM
I have long believed that media outlets and the journalists that work for them are just attention-starved, insecure opportunists. That was 19 years ago when I was 15 and decided that a career in journalism was not what I wanted to do with my life. Nothing in the nearly two decades since has happened to change that view. In fact, that belief has only grown stronger over that period...and never more than now, in the wake of the Sony hacks.

There has always been garbage media, like The National Enquirer and tabloid journalism that knows no boundaries of truth or integrity in their reporting. However, the lines of tabloid and actual "news" media have become increasingly blurry in the last few decades.

The celebrity news giant TMZ, arguably, appears to be the new standard in journalism. It doesn't matter what the cost, whom it impacts, or by what means the story was acquired as long as it's a headline that grabs people's attention. The only thing that matters is if people read or watch it.

That makes sense on a fundamental level...really. It doesn't matter if you report with integrity if no one reads it, because the news isn't inherently about "the news." It's a business. Without readers or viewers, there's no money. Journalists have to have the latest "scoop" with increasingly shocking headlines and lead-ins that will attract people.

That's why the local news ads will tell you that you may die in a fiery car crash or contract Ebola, unless you watch tonight at 11, of course.

So it's really no surprise that countless media outlets are not only reporting the Sony hacks, but publishing content that the hackers revealed. People are going to read it. Integrity doesn't pay your mortgage, car payments, and escalated winter power bills. Advertisers will, however.

Who has the will power to refuse to read what a shit talking Sony exec said about Angelina Jolie behind her back? Not very many. I'm not saying that I'm not a part of the problem, because I am. While I haven't sought out the actual emails, I was on what most would be considered to be a reputable news source, and clicked on an article a few days ago eager to get the latest on the Sony hacks and the release of "The Interview." Contained in that article was an abbreviated version of those emails between the two....

Did I stop reading? Hell no. I was morbidly curious, just like everyone else. They published it because they knew a douche like me would read it, even if I wasn't purposely seeking that content out.

So what the hell is my point? The Today Show pulling the Amy Adams interview is just further confirmation of a world of media publishers gone to "hell in a hand basket," as my grandmother would say.

Would I watch the interview in the hopes that she might say something about the Sony hacks? Yeah, probably. Who doesn't want to know what celebrities think about things that they shouldn't even comment on? There are websites and television shows dedicated to giving us the opinions of celebrities, and we all care what they think for some reason. Their level of knowledge or education on the subject matter is irrelevant. Are they famous? Let's get their opinions for a sound bite or attention grabbing headline.

However, Amy smartly refused to answer questions on the Sony hacks. It's not her place to say anything about it. She agreed to do the interview to promote her new movie. Why the fuck would she need to say anything about the Sony hacks? What relevant content is she really going to provide to this conversation that really boils down to national security.

So they cancel the interview... *sigh*

The Today Show just exposed themselves for the insecure, attention seeking, bullies that they are. Give us your lunch money, bitch.

If you want relevant content on the hacks, have Sony execs in the studio. Interview the FBI, CIA, or someone from Homeland Security.

Well, wait.... maybe The Today Show had it right all along... I'm talking about them. Other media outlets are talking about them... They got our attention, didn't they? They tricked us all with their insecurity ridden bully stunt. After all, the attention is what it's all about. Follow the money.

Gossip is the new standard of journalism.

Time to go check Facebook and Twitter for the latest "news."

Source: http://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/sony-hack-today-cancels-amy-adams-interview-over-refusal-to-talk-about-emails/ar-BBh7QI6?ocid=ansHollywoodReporter11