Sunday, January 04, 2015

1/04/2015 05:15:00 PM

Love is in the air for these special love birds.  John Arwood and Amber Campell, a Florida couple is recovering after a few days of being locked in a janitor closet at The Daytona State College's Marine Environmental Science Center on Tuesday.  But guess what gang!!!  When police came to the rescue, the closet wasn't even locked!!!!  What did the couple do to pass the time while being trapped inside? Glad you asked!  They got high as kites, and compared their poops.  They left a nice mess to clean up for the next lucky janitor!!!

This isn't the first time these two have had run in's with the law.  Ms. Campell was arrested for her crazy antics in 2013, escaping from the loony bin and the back of a patrol car!!!!!  And Mr. Arwood has spent some time on the "yard", with five jail sentences since 2000!!!!!

I love crazy couples!  But, I love crazy STUPID couples even more.  My special edition of Crazy Train and Douche of the Day goes to two morons!!!!  They couldn't afford to be on a deserted island together in the Bahama's, so they opted for a janitor closet instead.  The test of a relationship isn't how well you can communicate, it's how you can manage to be in an unlocked closet for 3 days and not know the door isn't locked!!