Monday, January 12, 2015

1/12/2015 04:14:00 PM

Vanilla Extract doesn't just add flavor to baked goods, but apparently it can get you drunk!! 
Driving through the Walmart parking lot, minding her own business Carolyn Kesel was arrested January 5th for a DUI and had an impressive blood alcohol level of .26, which is three times the legal "maybe I can drive" limit! Witnesses say she was doing "figure 8's" in the parking lot. It wasn't long islands that set this boozer over, it was 2 full bottles of Vanilla Extract.  According to experts, extract is similar to cough syrup.
We learn something new everyday people!!  You're out of alcohol? Snowed in and can't get to the store?  Just go into your cupboard and chug your favorite yummy liquid.  Carolyn is awarded my Crazy Train today.  Just when you think it's not possible to learn more about alcohol and the effects of what it can do- I find THIS crazy in headlines!