Monday, January 05, 2015

1/05/2015 07:31:00 PM

Look out ladies! This man of mystery has a dirty little fetish!!  Just make sure you have a tight ballerina bun as your hair style when you see him.  Jared Walter, a Florida douche was arrested a few days ago for trying to cut off a woman's piece of hair in the local Dollar Tree store. While waiting in line, he decided to unleash the beast and allow his temptation to take over! The woman started screaming and yelling, making Jared the center of attention.  When Mr. Walter ran out the store, police eventually found him!

Surprise, Surprise! This isn't the first time Jared has had run in's with the law.  He has been arrested more than once for masturbating while cutting off another victim's hair. He gets my Douche of the Day! Hands down biggest douche on the planet.  Hair? Really? Jared, don't you know better? Go to Sally's Beauty Supply and spend a few bucks on some hair extensions.  Then you can bathe in it and no one will judge you, unless of course it's synthetic hair.  In that case you're a moron.