Sunday, January 04, 2015

1/04/2015 06:26:00 PM

The good ol fashioned "I've been hacked" excuse can get old with celebrities.  However, it's always entertaining when they retract their statement!!!  Miley Cyrus shared a conversation on twitter with "FeFe" about how miserable she was and was taking a "zanny" and going to bed.  Clearly it was an accident, however she did what most people do when they make the mistake of posting something to social media that they didn't mean to- she said she was hacked, then deleted the tweet and tweeted again "I'm an idiot & somehow I butt tweeted my conversation. Missing home #foodpoisoningisabitch."  Can you really "butt tweet"? I need to delete all my awful selfies that I take to see the size of a zit on my face.

Miley is one of those women who posts CONSTANTLY about being sick.  There is nothing more annoying than dragging your fans through the mud of your misery.  No one cares Miley!!  Go take more pictures of you sticking your tongue out and twerking.  See the text thread below.