Wednesday, March 11, 2015

3/11/2015 10:28:00 AM
If you have been following our Radio Show, you know that we've been using Blog Talk Radio to broadcast live and host our past episodes. If you've been listening, we want to thank you dearly for following us and checking out our content.

It's been a long process of tweaking the show to get the right format and sound quality. We were able to get about as good of sound quality as we could from Blog Talk Radio. The poor sound has finally gotten to us and we want to deliver a better product. So we are going to be archiving many of our past episodes on SoundCloud and broadcasting new episodes with Spreaker (most likely), as well as on Stitcher, where a number of people are following us as well.

I will be editing and trying to make the sound better for our old episodes that we'll be archiving on SoundCloud, and you'll notice that our new episodes will be insanely better in term of quality. Content wise, if you didn't like us before, then you probably still won't! HAHA! Because that's not going to change much! We're still going to be talking about sex, relationships, and stand-up comedy, with our fun segments and parodies!

Here is a revamped episode from last year when we interviewed Ritch Shydner. It's one of my favorite episodes, and I was so exited to have him on the show. He's a comedy legend. The sound is about as good as I can get it. You'll notice that's it's still grainy, but it does sound better than the original.

Be sure to follow us on SoundCloud for our new episodes and some oldies as well!