Tuesday, March 17, 2015

3/17/2015 03:43:00 PM

Looks like this old man has caused quite a stir with Utah folks yesterday!  Myron Lee Kipp, a nudist douche promises to keep his swimsuit on when he sunbathes! With charges of showing his goods and no tan lines to boot, Mr. Kipp made a deal that if his record is as clean as his washboard abs, then he will sport his new hot pink banana hammock instead of well... you get the point.

For 30 years, Myron has been sunbathing in the buff and now his new neighbors make a stink about the view of his oiled up body blocking the church adjacent to his house.  As much as I don't want to award Mr. Kipp the Douche of the Day award, I couldn't resist.  I also crown a mini "douche" award to his neighbors who clearly have no sense of humor.  It's never been an issue until NOW? C'mon folks!! Who cares! Let Mr. Kipp enjoy his elderly years with no tan lines and possible skin cancer!