Thursday, April 16, 2015

4/16/2015 05:14:00 PM

Well gang, as much as I love a good ol poop story now and then, I have to say, this crazy bee tops the cake of cray.  Emi Mamiya is one pissed off wifey!  Tokyo police cuffed Emi and hauled her off to jail after .  Her husband dropped a deuce and left one hell of a smell in their bathroom.  Apparently Emi didn't listen when her hubby said "don't go in there for like.... an hour"!  The stink set her in a rage to attack her husband and leave a 7 inch gash on his cheek.

Sweetie pie!  You need to let go and relaxxxxx!!  Your hubby wasn't harming anyone.  You're lucky he flushed.  I leave gifts for Dr. Heckle every 3rd Sunday.  You ma lady win my Crazy Train.  


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