Saturday, April 18, 2015

4/18/2015 02:40:00 PM

Have you ever been on a plane and had to sit next to someone who snores? It's.the.worst.  I won't even let myself sleep on a plane for fear that I'm drooling or even better, sleeping with my mouth open.  Plane interaction is awkward.  A women was escorted off a Southwest plane last week after losing her shit on the guy snoring next to her.  The sound of his awful sinus pressure set her in a rage of fiery....that made her stab him with her pen.  No details what kind of pen (hopefully not fountain).  The man let out a loud scream that he was being stabbed and woken up from a dream of eating marshmallows.

The plane cheered when the women was getting off the plane and the old man escaped lead poisoning.  I am giving lady love my Crazy Train Award, HOWEVER I am defending her crazy behavior.  For one, snoring is a sound that alerts our inner demon.  For two, the guy has the most douchey hat and handlebar mustache.  You my dear are one crazy bee!


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