Monday, May 04, 2015

5/04/2015 10:42:00 AM

With some help from fellow comedian friend Sarah Skilling, 
Here are 15 Times to always remember to do your Kegel exercises.  

1. At your desk as you check your email.

2.  In line as you order your coffee.

3.  Walking your dog.

4.  Listening to a small child have a tantrum during lunch.

5.  When you're texting and driving.

6.  When you waiting at a stop light.

7.  When you're pumping gas.

8.  Watching a couple have an argument outside a restaurant.

9.  Waiting in the Barnes and Nobles checkout line.

10.  When you're asking a neighbor to move their car.

11.  When you're asking the mailman to stop giving you the neighbors mail.

12.  Debating religion. 

13. While your sexting. 

14. Watching a Romcom. 

15. When you are doing water aerobics.  


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