Monday, May 04, 2015

5/04/2015 04:03:00 PM

Let's face it, there are 4 things that happen in a relationship that connects us and breaks the tension of awkwardness in all of us.  I usually like to do these in the first month, but not everyone runs to the alter on a second date!! 

1. Farting- Who will be the first? Him? Her? Let's face it, the second you do this in a relationship- it becomes a game of cat and mouse who can out fart each other, and even better.... get rid of those AWFUL fart stomach aches we hold in until we are safe in our car the next morning after an over nighter.

2.  Being honest about your past-  The dreaded convo of who you have been with and how they were.  Once you can be honest and open.... it makes it easier to not constantly cover fibs up of what bartender you slept with 6 years ago!

3.  Peeing with the door open- For some reason, it built trust being able to have a serious conversation AND pee at the same time.  The beginnings of multi tasking....

4.  Being honest about weight gain-  It sucks.  But it's nice to not pretend.  Don't yell at your partner because your jeans don't fit.  Yell at the cake you ate the night before because of too much vodka and bad decisions.


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