Friday, May 08, 2015

5/08/2015 10:14:00 AM
Jon Stewart really lets Tom Brady have it in this Daily Show segment, that says just about everything that I wanted to say about this, only better.

"After the story broke Brady was texting the ball guy like he was a late night booty call."

Yeah, that sounds about right.

It sure seems like so many people are divided on this. Sure, delusional Pats fans, there's no "smoking gun."

There's just about a hundred guns that are pretty damn warm.

For some reason this whole thing reminds me of former President Clinton putting a cigar inside a White House intern.... "I did not have sexual relations with those balls, or Mr. McNally."

I read nearly the entire report, which was about 240 pages too long. It makes for a good "back of the toilet" kind of reading... or if you need something to tire you out and fall asleep to at night.

I wondered why it took months and months to put this together... I have to hand it to them, that report was insanely detailed. The most fascinating of which had to be the text messages, which I posted a few screen caps in my previous article.

I really just want to see Tom Brady come clean and own his involvement. He's been a quarterback for decades. He knows what a fully inflated football feels like. He also knows how he likes his balls. To claim to not have any knowledge or involvement is just ridiculous.

Anyways, check out Jon Stewart's take on "Deflategate." You won't be disappointed.


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