Monday, September 14, 2015

9/14/2015 01:54:00 PM

Wow! Today's Douche of the Day is fabulous!!! I found an Arizona Douche who makes prison life on the yard look appetizing!! David Spurlock was arrested for having possession of Meth and while he came down from his drug of choice at the Maricopa County jail... he enjoyed it so much.. he refused to leave!!

When police escorted this fine young gent out of jail, he decided to run over to a semi-truck and start that bad boy up.  Once again, he was arrested.

Mr. Spurlock, you get my Douche of the Day award because you my friend have no idea how bad jail food is!!!! I speak for a friend. I swear!  I hope you enjoy your remaining time and get some commissary money.  Enjoy your Frito's and top ramen buddy!


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