Monday, February 15, 2016

2/15/2016 05:12:00 PM

What a week or so Peyton Manning has had! A Super Bowl win and a twenty year old scandal brought back from the dead. Now I hear there's a lawsuit against the University of Tennessee that specifically names the event that happened in the locker room with Jamie Naughright, in addition to recent issues.

Oh yeah, and there's the HGH thing...

Everyone seems to have an opinion on all of these things, but the reality is that we don't know. We weren't there, for any of it. Was the locker room stunt a stupid prank gone awry, or was it more malicious? Did Manning take HGH or does someone have a personal vendetta that brought this to light?

I'm neither a Manning fan, nor a hater, so I can say with much certainty that I don't really care how it turns out. Everyone is bringing their own lens to these issues and leveraging this to champion their own agenda. That's what bothers me the most.

College age Manning did some inappropriate stuff in the locker room that he should have apologized and atoned for. However, I have to wonder why Naughright would sign a confidentiality agreement if it were as bad as people are making it out to be. She did win $300K from the University of Tennessee, and most likely settlements from Manning himself.

The other part of it to me, is that he was a damn kid. Thank God (Oh magical deity in the sky) that I wasn't famous and none of the stupid shit I did growing up ended up in public record so that people could rake me over the coals for it later. Let alone 20 years after the fact.

More than the incident though, the dumbest thing Manning did was bring it up again in his book. Why go after her again? That's what makes me think the beef goes deeper than just the incident. I feel like there's a huge part to this story that we're missing. Regardless, he couldn't let well enough alone.

Why am I even writing about this, when I don't really care? Because everyone else is, I guess. Sociology in play, as we speak. If it was bad, report it to the police and file charges against him. Let the court figure it out. I don't think she ever filed criminal charges but did win a civil suit, or basically agreed to settlements from her lawsuits.

Why is this not done yet? Was there criminal activity that never got justice? I don't get why we're talking about this. Just to smear Manning's name and put him up for trial in the court of public opinion?

"Hey, this happened before social media lynch mobs existed so we should rehash it now." Good thing I didn't put my torch and pitch fork in storage.

Naughright didn't bring it up, it was the New York Daily News. She was cool with signing a confidentiality agreement and pocketing cash. "But, but, but Manning broke the confidentiality agreement when he brought it up in his book?!" - Says people not involved in the case. She sued him in 2003, and it sounds like she agreed to whatever settlement was worked out there as well.

There's more to this than we know, and just let Naughright and Manning figure it out and let's be fucking done with it. They went to civil court twice. Sounds like it was covered.

Oh yeah, the HGH thing. Ah, fuck. Who cares? Have we really been lying to ourselves since "roids," aka synthetic testosterone, was banned from the NFL? Once that was banned, players moved on to something else. Then other things were banned, and they moved to something else.

Look, you can't build the bodies they build and take the punishment they take by eating Grandma's casseroles. Lie to yourself all you want, but athletes are taking supplements to achieve the things they do. They're taking supplements that are either undetectable or are currently legal until further notice.

We hold the blanket over our eyes and then are shocked when someone pulls it off and we see what was right in front of us all along.

Remember Ray Lewis and the broken arm? Shit, a Panther's player broke his arm and two weeks later was playing in the Super Bowl..... YEAH. THAT HAPPENED.

I got a hairline radial fracture in my arm from falling in the shower, over a year ago. I get bad aches in my elbow and my forearm never has gotten the muscle fully back after all that time. Lewis broke his arm and came back a month or so later and played at full capacity, albeit with a brace, in the Super Bowl.

Healed naturally my ass. Get your heads out of the dirt. That's professional fucking sports. Make it any less entertaining to watch? You bet your ass it doesn't. Sign me up for season tickets. Go Hawks.

Oh yeah, this thing from Cracked is funny.


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