Monday, July 25, 2016

Antonio Banderas bangs all of the chicks

Man, what a day! First Rob Kardashian deleted all of his photos from Instagram, and THEN there was something about a Pokemon character in Japan. It's all just TOO MUCH. Or was it Two Much? Nope, that was a movie from 1996 about how Antonio Banderas bangs all the chicks. ALL OF THEM.

Well, back in the 90's anyways. Probably not as much anymore. Only like half, most likely. His ability to bang all the chicks has a half-life of like 17.5 years. So by 2033 he'll only be banging a quarter of them. It's science.

There's also the DNC going on right now. I just got done watching Bernie Sanders, which was entirely depressing. It was a good speech, but all it really did was remind me of the hope I had for him early in the year.

Of course I never thought he would get this far, and being able to accomplish what he did... but the more he accomplished, the more hope I had. Only to be thoroughly disappointed.

I don't enjoy talking about politics because most discussions end up being like people who are choosing Coke or Pepsi. Both sides blindly say the other is crap for no real reason and after all the stress, you just end up with diabetes.

I think that's the lesson here. Politics is just like diabetes. Most people just ignore it and hope it goes away until it ends up killing you. The end.


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