Thursday, February 09, 2017

Iconic Pop Culture Moments You Remember Wrong - Cracked

There are those moments from movies and TV shows that are just unforgettable, right? Actually...wrong.

It seems as though our collective memory has failed us on more than one occasion, and not only that but failed us so many times that the mere repetition of the incorrect memory solidifies itself in pop culture on its own.

One of these instances that I found hilarious was the Sally Field Oscar win misquote "You like me. You really like me." She actually just repeated "You like me" twice and never said the "really" part. That's just one instance where the misquote created a false memory that will probably continue to live on even though there's footage on YouTube to the contrary.

Cracked examines numerous of these instances in the hilarious video below. Everything from SnowWhite to The Simpsons. A couple I was aware of, but most of them I wasn't. For quite a few "whoa" moments, check it out.


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