Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Why We Haven't Seen Austin Powers 4 Hit Theaters - Looper

I was just about to graduate high school when the first Austin Powers movie came out in 1997. It was an outlandish take on the spy genre that nobody had really seen or expected at the time. Since then, there have been two sequels and a number of other parodies of the same ilk.

It hasn't surprised me that that we haven't seen a fourth iteration yet. By the time Goldmember came out, it seemed like the shtick had worn a bit thin. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it. However, the franchise had lost some of it's luster.

What was so fun and fresh about the first movie was the "fish out of water" story of a suave spy from the 1960's struggling to adjust to how life had changed 30 years later in the 90's. The super villain also had to adapt in much the same way, which packed a powerful 1-2 comedy punch.

The second movie managed to carry over a lot of good will from the first, while covering some satire that didn't make it into the original and adding some new hilarious characters. Unfortunately, the third movie failed to inject the same life into the story.

Not that it didn't pack some fun, and some cheesy one-liners... "I can see your nuts."

As much as common sense dictated that there wouldn't, and probably shouldn't be a fourth addition to the Austin Powers franchise, rumors have been circling about it for years. It's hard to imagine being able to make another film that could stack up, even remotely.

Remember the Dumb and Dumber sequel? I loved the first movie, and was excited for the new one... thinking that there's no way Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey would even think about making another if it wasn't the right script... I was wrong.

Yet, Mike Myers has hinted that he's had a script he's been working on for a number of years. So, maybe one day we will get to see what that will look like... but I'm afraid... very afraid.

What do you think? Do you want another go-round with Mr. Powers. Man of Mystery?


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