Monday, May 14, 2018

5/14/2018 01:10:00 PM
Amy Schumer has been a somewhat polarizing comedian in the last few years, to say the least. It seems like everyone has an opinion on whether or not she's funny.

It's one of the pitfalls of making it really big as a comedian because when you've been doing comedy clubs for years, and then suddenly you're material is thrust in front of millions of people... not everyone is going to like it. (Where did Dane Cook go?) Watching a comedy special at home, is a completely different experience than seeing it live. 

I feel the same way about Amy Schumer as I do about Dane Cook and even comedians like Carrot Top... and that's not a dig. I really enjoyed Amy's stand up when I first saw her at a local comedy club years ago, and I liked her Comedy Central show. I liked Dane Cook's earlier material, and I think the guy is really talented and worked really hard to get his "shot." I think Carrot Top works hard at his craft, and have enjoyed him as well. Even though none of them are my particular "cup of tea" I think they are all very talented in their own right, otherwise they wouldn't have made it to the level that they did.

Comedy is subjective and not everyone is going to like the same things, or have jokes resonate with them in the same ways. As someone who has done stand up for a number of years, I can appreciate someone's work without being a fan. I know what goes into it on the back end, so even if someone's style of comedy doesn't fit my personal taste, I can still appreciate the time and effort it took to crafting each bit. 

Comedy can be an ego-swallowing experience, and it can be soul crushing at times. I have respect for anyone who gets on stage and grabs a mic, regardless. It's something that most people don't have the balls to do, so people need to relax the vitriol when a comic says something on stage that they don't like. If you don't like a comic, don't watch them and move on to one you do. 

I didn't watch Amy host SNL this weekend, but I did catch this sketch about Mother's Day and I think it's hilarious. I don't have to be a fan of Schumer's movies or stand up to appreciate it. If you don't, that's fine. The internet is wide and vast, I'm sure you'll find something that tickles your pickle. 


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