Tuesday, May 15, 2018

5/15/2018 08:29:00 AM
This video was too fun not to share. Of course fast food is crap for your body, and frankly probably shouldn't even be considered in any "food" category... However, that doesn't stop it from being delicious, especially if you're drunk or hung over.

The hash browns from McDonald's are not good for you by any means, because they're essentially carbohydrates and sodium but I was actually surprised by the calorie content when I looked it up. They're only 150 calories, and honestly I expected them to have much more.

Before going to the website and pulling it up, I would have guessed around 230-250 per hash brown.

One thing that never occurred to me was to attempt to make one of these bad boys myself, let alone a giant sized one.

That's exactly what the people over at HellthyJunkFood decided to do. The results will probably surprise you.


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