Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Was Bob Saget Murdered?


Comedian Bob Saget has entertained us for decades from Full House to America's Funniest Home Videos and back again most recently to Fuller House. His friends remember him as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. His fans remember him for being their surrogate clean freak TV Dad or from his dirty stand-up comedy.

Unfortunately he passed away this year from an accident in his hotel room after a set at a comedy club in Orlando. Security found him unresponsive after he had an unwitnessed fall resulting in skull fractures in the back and the front of his head. 

It was originally reported that he bumped his head on the headboard of the bed and fell asleep. However, the autopsy report shows injuries far more severe than just a slight bump on the head. Some medical experts are saying that the injuries are on a par with getting hit with a baseball bat or being in a car accident without a seatbelt on. How could one man do that to himself in a hotel room? What other factors about this "accident" don't we know about?

Saget's family won a temporary injunction to block the release of video, audio recordings, and other evidence gathered during the investigation. Why would they want this information blocked? The more information that comes out about his death, the more questions are raised and we have yet to get any definitive answers as to what happened that night. 


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