Friday, July 29, 2022

Man sued for $10,000 over bad date

How much do you deserve for putting up with a bad date?

Michigan woman QaShontae Short filed a $10,000 lawsuit against Richard Jordan because their date caused her emotional distress. She claims that she's due for compensation because he stood her up on her late mother's birthday. 

She proceeded to take the Zoom court hearing call from the airport and get into a screaming argument with the judge over the definition of perjury. The judge, Herman Marable Jr did his best to explain the situation to Short but she refused to listen. She had not only filed a ridiculous lawsuit that appeared to have no merit, but she had done it with the wrong court. 

The judge was clear with Jordan that if he wanted the case dismissed he would need to file the appropriate motion, which he had not done to this point. He agreed to transfer the case where it belonged in circuit court, but not before putting Short on mute so that he could get a few words in. He awarded Jordan the filing fees because Short had filed with the wrong court and patiently tried to explain what the next steps were to her. Unfortunately, Ms. Short didn't realize she was on mute or look at her phone, and was talking the entire time. 

It remains to be seen what will happen with this case, but sadly for Jordan in appears to remain open for the time being. 

Should people be able to sue for bad dates? If someone catfishes your or maybe lies about their height a little, should you be due some compensation for the strife?


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