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Make High Profits with Tax Certificates!

By: Ted Thomas

Make High Profits with Tax Certificates! - How to Get All the Information You Need for Success and Long-Term Financial Security!

Discover how you can build lasting wealth!... using little-known, real-deal government programs to easily invest in Government Tax Certificates, Tax Deeds, Tax Liens, and related Auctions. If earning huge, guaranteed profits (ranging from 14%, 16%, even up to 24% and more!!) on solid, secure, repeatable investments takes your breath away....plus the opportunity to buy real estate for pennies on the dollar...then read this special report for "fast-track" insider strategies!! To get the critical information you need to purchase tax certificates you must contact the County Treasurer's office. (There are 3300 counties in the USA and endless money-making opportunities for you!) Usually a polite phone call will do the trick. Ask immediately for the official that deals with "auction properties that owe back-taxes". When you talk to county officials... be very specific about the information you need. Here is proven list of questions that will make the process easy and professional for both you and the County Treasurer! Here's what you need to ask for when you talk to county officials:

- Sale Date? - All counties hold tax certificate auctions at different times of the year. Always nail the date down because it may involve planning and travel on your end.

- Where Will The Sale Be Held? - Usually at the county seat courthouse building - smaller counties may use any building in town... always check and have your maps handy. If all else fails... ask for directions. Be sure to get the details! - ask for the exact building in the county office complex and room number.

- Where will the Sale be Advertised? - The County Treasurer may send you a specially printed list of auction properties for a fee (usually between $4.00 and $15.00) or the list maybe so massive it is printed by the local newspaper in its own exclusive section! (It's not usual to find between10 to 30 thousand properties up for auction in large counties.) Now envision the perfect opportunities to make huge profits in real estate the easy way!

- What is required to register? - Once again, all counties have a different of rules. Be prepared to show any legal ID's (You may need multiple ID's and complete valid personal information.)

- What Kind of Funds Do I Need for a Tax Certificate Auction? - This a CORE question that will make it or break it! Some counties will only accept cashier's checks or hard cash. Many will accept your personal check and even have debit card processing capabilities. This is an important reality - other bidders may represent banks and financial institutions with deep, deep pockets. For a fact... you can do this on your terms and budget. Just make sure you know your target county's bidding requirements and "way to pay".

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