Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Secret Truth About Making Money and Being Successful on YoutTube - McJuggerNuggets

I've watched a lot of YouTube videos, especially the ones that talk about making money because it's a fascinating thing to me. This morning I was sipping coffee and saw the video below.

This is the most honest video about what it takes to become a successful YouTuber.

There are so many videos on this subject, but none of them address what it really takes. Specifically around the mental and emotional state that it takes to persevere when you're starting out and not getting views.

If you are thinking about being a YouTuber, or if you already are but are feeling discouraged because your channel isn't getting the attention you feel it need to watch this video.

There are also two other videos in this series, so check those out as well.

"Be delusional."


"Make your own luck."

"You need to pursue it so violently and so passionately, that you open yourself up to the opportunity...the chance of getting lucky" 



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