Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Ladies of YouTube Who Are Insanely Rich - Nicki Swift

Most of you have probably heard of Jenna Marbles, but there's more successful women on YouTube than you might imagine. Many of them have also made a lot of cash in the process.

Of course, just because someone is on YouTube doesn't mean that they're rolling in money. There are a lot of great videos that explain what it takes to make the $$$ appear at your doorstep just from making videos. YouTube "Elder" boogie2988 does a great job of explaining how that all works in this video

There are a lot of great female content creators on YouTube, and I'd like to give a mention to a few of the ones I find the most entertaining. Shoe0nHead's rants range from political to mundane topics, never forgetting to sprinkle in humor. Love her or hate her, Nicole Arbour draws in hundreds of thousands of views on her videos that target just about every group of people. Ali Spagnola crosses genres like Washington crossed the Delaware... or something. She vlogs, she makes musics, she brings the funny. Check them out. 

Back to the topic at hand... Here's Nicki Swift's list of insanely rich female YouTubers:


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