Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Fundamental Flaw in Batman v Superman from Nerdwriter

Okay, I know I'm in the minority here... but I'm one of the few people that actually liked Batman v Superman. *gasp*

Yeah, the movie had flaws. I haven't seen a movie that doesn't, and while I recognize that clearly some are much better than others, I don't go into a superhero comic book movie expecting a whole lot.

Get ready for another shocker... I don't really care for The Avengers movies or superhero movies in general. *double gasp*

Yes, I watch them... well, some of them. I stopped after the first Iron Man movie, for example. I skipped two and three because I really don't have an investment in his character. Sure, Robert Downey Jr. does a great job of inhabiting Tony Stark, but I just don't care.

I have seen The Avengers movies, and they're mildly enjoyable as fluff entertainment. I'm definitely not going to go see them in the theaters.

I just don't get excited about superhero movies because I don't care about the characters... not that some of them aren't interesting or even attractive for that matter. Why do we care about the characters at all? We know what's going to happen. The world is in peril, superhero saves the day.

That's it.

There's no risk involved. You can't care about characters that have literally nothing on the line. Their lives are never in danger, as the movies would have you believe. They won't die. Even if they do, they'll come back in some way. Either through a stupid plot device or because the character gets recast in a reboot of the franchise.

No risk. No real investment. Sorry, not sorry, to all the fanboys out there. I have a hard time caring about essentially omnipotent characters, and the ones that are "human" in their respective universes are generally ones that aren't essential.

Would anyone be devastated if Hawkeye died in the next movie? Not really.

"But what about Batman???" They wept.

Ah, well exceptions tend to prove the rule don't they? Batman is one of the few comic book characters that I actually really enjoy. He's a character that just about anyone can connect with. He plays a huge role in the DC universe, he is human, and he is vulnerable. So yeah, I do enjoy Batman movies more than the others for that reason. Yet, he is still susceptible to the issues laid out above. If he dies, he's going to come back eventually. Exactly my point.

Back to my original point, I really enjoyed Batman v Superman. Superman is probably my least favorite superhero, for the reasons I have already covered. However, having the ultimate extremes side by side and face to face is an intriguing premise. It's almost a God versus Man scenario.

Yes, I admit that the movie had many flaws. "WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?"

He said "Martha" because of the script, bro. Did you need to ask? He doesn't say that name and he doesn't get paid dude. Get on with the movie. I know you aren't going to stay fighting forever. Eventually the Justice League is going to be formed, and you two are the key cogs.

...and yeah, we all know that Superman isn't going to stay dead forever, but I liked that they at least tried to throw in a plot twist.

I know I've been rambling for some time here, but here's the meat of the subject... I don't go into a superhero movie expecting a lot. A superhero movie isn't going to have the best acting, well rounded characters, or really tough problems that they have to overcome. They're not fodder for the Academy to drool over and they never will be.

They're just entertainment. I go into a superhero movie with one expectation: to be entertained. Was I entertained by Batman v. Superman? Yeah, I was. It was pretty to look at and fun. You think there aren't going to be stupid plot points and bad acting when you watch men in tights save the world for the millionth time? Get a grip you pussies.

Go ahead and bite my nuts off for it.

Oh yeah, and there's this video from Nerdwriter. He explains very eloquently why people didn't like Batman v Superman. He makes some great points. Take a look-see.


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