Friday, September 27, 2019

Update - Indiana Parents 'Abandoned' Daughter (They Claim is an Adult Sociopath) Found A New Family

The adopted daughter of Kristine Barnett  and Michael Barnett has been found living with a new family in Indiana. The adopted parents have been charged with abandonment after paying for an apartment for her and moving to Canada in 2013.

Kristine Barnett claims that the girl is really an adult pretending to be much younger than she actually is in order to get people to take care of her. She also said the girl has some serious psychological issues and was diagnosed as a sociopath.

Is the girl a child, is she just pretending?

I originally made a video about this situation earlier in the week, if you're looking for more background information, that you can watch here.

I've been fascinated with this case, so I will continue to follow and post updates.


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