Thursday, March 26, 2020

This Dork and the Simpletons

I hope everyone is doing well with their social distancing and quarantines! This week we're responding to your comments because that's one of my favorite things! The past couple weeks have seen the comments section be somewhat divisive so I wanted to take a few minutes and address some of the comments.

Some people did not like my take on the Justice for Natalia Grace blog.

There were a couple of new comments on one of my videos from a couple months ago about the Dutch family that was discovered isolated at a farm house, and the rest are from my recent videos on the Natalia Barnett case from Indiana.

Kristine and Michael Barnett face charges of abandonment after leaving their adopted Ukrainian daughter alone in an apartment and moving to Canada. They claim she was an adult pretending to be a child because of her dwarfism, but she denies the allegations and says she is a 16 year old teenager. Who's telling the truth?

Let's take a look at your comments -

Link to my playlist if you want to get caught up on the story -


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