Tuesday, September 29, 2020

New Jersey Woman Almost Loses Home Over 6 Cents in Back Taxes

 Do you respect your elders? Evidently local governments and banks do NOT. 89 year old Ocean Township New Jersey woman Glen Kristi Goldenthal nearly lost her home when the local government tried to sell it out from under her. The reason? She owed 6 cents in back taxes! Luckily her daughter came to the rescue and saved the house before she lost it for good. However, the whole situation raises a lot of questions about the people involved and the laws that allowed them to do it. 

Another elderly woman in Oregon nearly had her refinancing fall through because the bank decided she was deceased and reported it to the credit bureaus. She and her husband needed the money to replace their septic tank. She still has unresolved charges on her account from the ordeal with Wells Fargo. 


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  1. I think moral values are on the ground. Now, I am reading a book where I find my values and a lot of questions about what is happening to the people? It seems a lot crazy like everything is made to sell?! Simply I can't stand this kind of behavior! At another side of the wall what I see is human machines, there isn't more human beings. [-(