Friday, May 14, 2021

The Untold Truth About Tai Lopez, Here In My Garage

 Here in my garage with my Lamborghini and G Wagon in the shop. What I'm more proud of though is my busted door being used as a table and my thirty broken air conditioners. It seems like that kind of material wealth is hard to come by, but you'd be surprise how easy it is to accumulate. It just takes time and the belief that you can also be a middle-class American. No dream is too large. 

You can count how many books you have, but are you counting how many half empty paint can you have too? What about cardboard accumulated from Amazon orders during 2020? You can decide what's more important. Maybe you think that reading a book a day is cool, but what I think is cool is a garage that is secure because the door won't open since the track is broken. 

Real wealth is accumulating the most amount of mentors. Sure, count dollars and cents if you want but having hundreds of mentors is what really matters if you want to succeed in this crazy world. You don't have to take my word for it, just ask Warren Buffet or Tai Lopez. 

Have, get, spend, knowledge.


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