Thursday, February 10, 2022

Unbelievable Natalia Grace Barnett Ukrainian Orphan Case Comments

 The supreme court declined to hear the case against Kristine and Michael Barnett, leaving Indiana prosecutors with little ability to move forward with the charges against them. 

Many have compared the Natalia Grace Barnett story to that of the move The Orphan, where a woman with dwarfism pretends to be a child in order to get adopted. Esther goes on to harm the family that took her in. 

Kristine and Michael Barnett have made claims in the media that their real life experience adopting a girl from Ukraine with dwarfism was essentially the same as the movie plot. 

There has been great interest in this adoption scam story over the past two years, and a lot of passionate comments from both sides have been posted on my videos covering this interesting chain of events. 

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