Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Who Murdered Bob Saget? (Top 7 Suspects)


In my previous video I broke down the suspicious circumstances that surrounded the passing of comedian and TV legend Bob Saget. Known for his roles on Full House, America's Funniest Home Videos, and How I Met Your Mother, Bob Saget was a network television staple for decades starting in the 80's. 

In January of 2022 Saget was found unresponsive in his room by hotel security. He had just performed the second show of is most recent stand-up comedy tour. Reports came out claiming that he passed away due to an unwitnessed fall backwards. 

It was originally reported that he bumped his head on the headboard and fell asleep on the bed, never to wake up again. However, as more information came out and the autopsy findings were released more questions emerged. The skull fractures he suffered appeared to be much more severe than initially thought. Medical experts questioned the thoroughness of the investigation, saying that his injuries were on par with getting hit with a baseball bat, car accident without a seatbelt, falling from 20-30 feet in the air or down a flight of stairs. 

Saget's wife Kelly Rizzo and his three daughters then filed a lawsuit to keep the videos, pictures, and information from the investigation private. A judge granted a temporary injunction and the public has yet to see what actually happened. 

Viewers commented they're theories about what happened in my last upload, and here I break down who you believe are the key suspects. 

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