Thursday, June 02, 2022

Why you are LAZY and ENTITLED working from home

Elon Musk recently sent an email to employees telling them that if they want to work from home they should find a new job. It's no secret that Musk hates the idea of remote work from home employees. Tesla has notably fired people that worked from home during the shelter in place mandates during the covid-19 pandemic. Clearly his views haven't softened on the idea that people can be productive at home. 

 I've been working from home in multiple roles for over 11 years and I have a very different view. I have found that there's more time to focus and I'm more productive when I work from home. There are way fewer distractions at home than going to an office, where people stop by your desk constantly to chat about the latest gossip and keep you from getting work done. That's not to mention the endless, useless meetings that you get pulled into. I work way more hours and get so much more done at home than I ever did or would at an office cubicle. 

Elon Musk is not the only CEO to be stuck in the dark ages with archaic mindsets about working from home, but he's certainly one of the most vocal public critics on the topic. 

He's a billionaire and has a blind following of minions that will agree with everything he says. Elon Musk has had undeniable success with his investments and companies, but does that mean he's right about everything by default? If there's one positive thing that's come out of the pandemic, it's that companies and people have realized that they can get more work done and have a better quality of life by doing their work at home. Not only that but corporations can save a ton of money on office leases by having their employees at home too, so it's really a win win for all parties. 

 There is a social aspect that many might find a negative. No more office birthday parties with sugary cake and gossip to get you through your work day. However, it's not like you can't find other avenues for social outlets. 

 What do you think? Do you work from home? Are people that do inherently lazy or do they get just as much, if not more work done? Are huge commercial office buildings a soon-to-be relic of the past or will they make a comeback?

Saturday, May 14, 2022

What did Fred Savage do? Why was he fired from The Wonder Years?

News broke recently that Fred Savage was fired from The Wonder Years reboot for allegations of misconduct, where he was working as an executive producer and director. Savage has always been more or less the face of The Wonder Years brand, so he must have done something pretty serious to be removed from the show all together right?

This is far from the first accusation against Fred Savage for misconduct on production sets. Cast members like his on screen mother Alley Mills have come out to defend him in the past, but will they this time?

Is Savage just an overworked demanding director with an anger problem who has unreasonable expectations of those that work for him? Or is there something worse going on here?

Friday, April 08, 2022

Jim cheated on Pam with Cathy Simms - The Office US


In season 8 of The Office, Jim Halpert spent a month in Florida helping to launch the first brick and mortar Sabre store. Being away from Pam and under the influence of Stanley proved to bring more temptation than Jim was expecting. 

Jim's new desk mate, Cathy Simms had been harboring a huge crush on him for quite awhile. They hung out together the entire time. One night Cathy came to his room in her underwear claiming that her heater was broken asked if she could join the party. 

Jim let her in and then later kicked her out by making up an excuse about bed bugs. The question is why would a happily married man let her in to begin with? Why did she feel comfortable showing up to his room wearing barely anything. 

I propose that Jim and Cathy had been having an affair while in Florida, but were smart about avoiding the cameras. Jim overcompensated wildly, trying to hide even looking in Cathy's direction let alone sit next to her. This makes no sense as they had been sitting together throughout the team meetings. Cathy also admitted to the affair on camera, while Jim gaslighted her trying to convince us that she's just crazy. 

Was Cathy actually crazy or did something actually happen that Jim is trying to hide? The original script did actually call for Jim to cheat on Pam, but John Krasinski refused to film it. He felt it went too far and betrayed fans of The Office. Now we're left to wonder and read between the lines.

Would Tim have cheated on Dawn in the The Office UK? I have a hard time imagining that. 

Let's talk about what really happened with Jim and Cathy.

Monday, March 28, 2022

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage in full view of the cameras and audience at the Oscars, after he made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith starring in a GI Jane sequel. 

Jada has been struggling with alopecia, a condition that can cause some or all of your hair to fall out. While Will Smith initially laughed at the comedian's joke about her hair style, she did not appear amused. Moments later Will walked up on stage and open palm slapped Chris across the face. He then walked back to his seat and yelled back at Rock telling him to 'keep his wife's name out of his mouth." 

Rock appeared stunned and looked to the side of the stage for guidance, and then said that Will Smith just smacked him. Stating that this was the greatest night in television history, after the slap was heard (and seen) around the world.

Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Who Murdered Bob Saget? (Top 7 Suspects)


In my previous video I broke down the suspicious circumstances that surrounded the passing of comedian and TV legend Bob Saget. Known for his roles on Full House, America's Funniest Home Videos, and How I Met Your Mother, Bob Saget was a network television staple for decades starting in the 80's. 

In January of 2022 Saget was found unresponsive in his room by hotel security. He had just performed the second show of is most recent stand-up comedy tour. Reports came out claiming that he passed away due to an unwitnessed fall backwards. 

It was originally reported that he bumped his head on the headboard and fell asleep on the bed, never to wake up again. However, as more information came out and the autopsy findings were released more questions emerged. The skull fractures he suffered appeared to be much more severe than initially thought. Medical experts questioned the thoroughness of the investigation, saying that his injuries were on par with getting hit with a baseball bat, car accident without a seatbelt, falling from 20-30 feet in the air or down a flight of stairs. 

Saget's wife Kelly Rizzo and his three daughters then filed a lawsuit to keep the videos, pictures, and information from the investigation private. A judge granted a temporary injunction and the public has yet to see what actually happened. 

Viewers commented they're theories about what happened in my last upload, and here I break down who you believe are the key suspects.